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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Greendale Education Foundation?
The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that raises money to fund innovative educational programs and opportunities for Greendale Schools. A volunteer board of directors governs the Foundation. The Greendale Education Foundation was established in 1998, and donated nearly $400,000 since then for classroom projects and scholarships.

When and why was Greendale Education Foundation established?
A group of committed citizens, along with the superintendent of schools, established the EFG in 1998. The founders’ goal was to generate financial support to provide educational opportunities and resources for students in the Greendale School District. Those resources include financial support, materials, and services that can be used for programs and projects enhance or supplement what teachers are doing in classrooms and around the district.

How does the Greendale Education Foundation acquire funding?
The Greendale Education is Funded through community support and fundraising events including:
Tax-free donations of money
Donations of materials and/or services
Bequests or memorials
Fundraising activities such as the Cheers to Education Food and Wine tasting event and the School’s Out celebration.

How does the Greendale Education Foundation distribute its resources?
Teachers and staff apply for funding for specific projects. After review by a committee and the Board of Directors, funds are assigned based on several criteria including fund availability, number of students impacted, and alignment with Greendale School District goals and plans.  Funds are also used to provide several scholarships for graduating Greendale High School Seniors based on need, future plans, and academic and personal achievement.

How can I help the Greendale Education Foundation?
You support is vital, and we welcome your contributions of time and treasure. All donations are tax deductible. You can help the students of Greendale School District and children in our community by making a donation of:
Equipment, supplies or in-kind services
An endowment, memorial or honorarium
An employee or corporate matching donation

How can I donate? 
Gifts can be sent to:
Greendale Education Foundation, Inc. 
6815 Southway
Greendale, WI 53129

Or made online from this website.

How do I know that teachers’ proposals are sound, and that my donation materials will be used as promised?
The Greendale Education Foundation works directly with the Greendale teachers or staff who submitted the grant request. Our grants committee verifies all details of the proposal and determines their worthiness in relation to the strategic goals of the school district and the goals of the Foundation.

What does the Foundation do for Greendale schools?
There are many needs in our district that the Greendale Education Foundation helps meet. From Lunch Bunch Book Clubs for elementary students, to iPads for middle school math, to college scholarships for Greendale seniors, we support children and schools.  Almost $400,000 have now been provided by the Greendale Education Foundation to give our students and schools the tools they need to lead the way into the future.